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16 days ago
Rent: $700Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1700ft2Furnished: Full Lease
23 days ago
Rent: $1220Bedroom: 2Bathroom: 1980ft2Cats: Dogs: Full Lease rent 13% than median
18 days ago
Rent: $1399Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1650ft2Full Lease rent 27% than median
11 days ago
Rent: $1400Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1650ft2Full Lease rent 3% than median
4 days ago
Rent: $2500Bedroom: 2Bathroom: 21200ft2Full Lease rent 25% than median
8 hours ago
Rent: $2595Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1550ft2Furnished: Cats: Dogs: Full Lease
8 hours ago
Rent: $1690Bedroom: 0Bathroom: 1401ft2Furnished: Full Lease
2 days ago
Rent: $5800Bedroom: 2Bathroom: 21000ft2Furnished: Cats: Dogs: Full Lease
3 days ago
Rent: $2000Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1600ft2Full Lease
4 days ago
Rent: $2495Bedroom: 1Bathroom: 1600ft2Furnished: Full Lease
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The Beach (2)
Corktown (2)
Oshawa (1)
Oakville (1)
Markham (1)
Riverdale (1)
The Annex (1)
Deer Park (1)
Wychwood (1)
Casa Loma (1)